I am easily addicted.

As some of you will know, I LOVE LEGO. I recently renewed my long lost love for Lego, and rebuilt my whole Star Wars Lego collection.

I seriously cannot get enough.

I have (many) Lego keyrings, a mini-figure ice cube tray, a shoulder bag, my Lego scarf and watch (both from my younger years) and have even made USB sticks into Lego bricks.

Addicted. So much so that I twisted my brothers arm into taking the following photo. I WILL have it printed for my wall next year at uni.

George's blog can be found here. He set it up around the same time as this post.
I also have an absolutely hugely ENORMOUS addiction to Nandos. Honestly, who doesn't enjoy half a succulent chicken covered in medium sauce with a large Peri-Peri chips? OH, and Perinaise. <3

'Nuff said.

Other things that I am addicted to include Leeds United, Yorkshire Tea, and sleep. Sleep is so so good. 

I fear that all this blogging about moustaches is leading to a minor addiction. As mentioned a few posts ago, I bought some Mo decals. Check it out!

I also purchased the "Keep Calm and Grow A Moustache" poster displayed in this post (actually, i bought a white one). But I have a feeling that I think I'm becoming addicted.

Still, whats not to love about a good ol' tache!



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